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Activities For Kids

Bookings & Inquiries

How long do I book for?
Depends on the your number of people! For groups of 2-4, 1 hour is often enough. For groups larger than 5 we highly recommend 90 minutes or two hours, which allows time for safety, training, coaching, games, tournaments, trick shots, and more! We take pride in tailoring the experience to what you're most interested in. If you'd like to stay longer, we're happy to extend your stay if our availability allows.
Do I have to make a reservation?
You don’t have to, but it is highly recommended to guarantee your spot. Click Here to make a reservation.
What are your hours?
We are open for Walk-ins every day of the week! We'll start your throwing Monday - Thursday 5-9pm, Friday 4-10pm, Saturday 12-10pm and Sunday from 12-8pm. Other times require pre-booking.
How far in advance do I need to book?
We recommend booking one week in advance. For larger groups, booking 2-4 weeks ahead of time is highly recommended. For same day reservations, please call 613-702-8095.
How much does axe throwing cost?
25$ + HST for 60 minutes $35 + HST 90 minutes 42$ + HST for 2 hours. All prices are per person. When booking online we take a deposit equivalent to 1 person's axe throwing, and the remaining balance can be paid together or separately on the day of your event using cash, debit, credit card or gift card.
Do you offer any group rates?
For reservations of 20+ people, we may be able to provide a slight discount.
What if my group size changes? Am I required to pay for my friends who don’t show up?
One lane (two targets) fits 2-8 people. If you have reserved more than one lane, and you arrive on the day of your event with fewer than the minimum (e.g. fewer than 9 for 2 lanes, fewer 17 for 3 lanes, etc.), you may be charged for the minimum number of what you reserved for. To avoid this, give us at least 24 hours notice if your group size changes.

Event & Space Rentals

Can I book the space out for the night/daytime?
Yes, please contact us for rates and availability.
What if I’m late for my event?
We ask all our guests to plan to arrive 15 minutes early to ensure you are on time for your event. Out of respect for all our guests, we are firm on start and end times. If you expect to be late and would like to reschedule, please call as soon as possible.
Can I arrive early for my event?
While we can’t guarantee you can start throwing axes before your scheduled time, we have a cozy bar lounge where you can comfortably wait until it’s your turn.
How do I guarantee my reservation?
Groups of 9 people or less are required to pay for 1 admission to reserve.
What if I need to cancel my event?
24 hours notice is required for a full refund of your deposit. Any cancellations less than this are non-refundable however you can transfer the deposit towards another day/event.
Do you have seating and tables?
Yes, we have lots of chairs & tables, a couple couches and a high top bar table with stools.
Can you host a tournament?
Yes! We love a group who enjoys a little friendly competition!
Are leagues available?
Yes! We are a proud to use our own custom target and we have weekly skills tournaments (Wednesdays).

Food & Drink

Can I bring my own food?
We do have a hot appetizer menu that might interest you, but if you're looking for a full meal may bring in outside food with no plating fee. If you'd like us to arrange catering please contact and we may be able to assist you for an added fee.
What about bringing my own snacks?
LumberJaxe offers snacks available for purchase.
Do you serve alcohol? Can I bring my own alcohol?
You may not bring your own alcohol. LumberJaxe is proud to offer you beer, cider and wine available for purchase.
I am having a party, can I bring a cake?
Yes, you may bring a cake. We even have a special axe to cut it with!

Axe Throwing 101

What is the age limit?
13+ (Anyone under 16 must attend with a parent/guardian)
Are you wheelchair accessible?
Yes, there is an accessibility entrance located at the rear of the building. It can be tricky to locate, so let please let us know to expect you and we can give you directions and meet you at the door.
What should I wear?
Closed toe shoes are a must. Wear comfortable, non-restricting clothes.
Do I have to sign a waiver?
Yes, all participants are required to sign a waiver before throwing.
Is there parking available?
City Centre offers free parking for the first 1.5 hours (please note that you still need to enter your license plate information and obtain a ticket, but you will not be charged for the first 1.5 hours) There is also free street parking (3 hours maximum).
I’ve never thrown an axe before. Will someone teach me?
Yes! Everyone will receive an orientation before they start on proper throwing techniques and best safety practices. Your axe coach will always be nearby if you want extra help or have any questions.
Can I tip my axe coach?
Yes! Tips are encouraged and appreciated! Our axe coaches love what they do and work very hard to provide you the best possible experience.
Can I bring my own axe?
Maybe! The axe must be inspected and approved by the Manager. LumberJaxe reserves the right to refuse the use of any axe that does not meet the safety requirements.
Are the axes heavy?
No, each axe weighs between 2-3lbs. We do have a variety of styles, and we'll find the one that best suits you!
What options do you have for people with limited abilities?
Axe throwing is a great sport for anyone and does not rely on the strength or speed of a person. Focus on technique and follow through and with a little practice, you’ll be sticking the axe in no time.
I am pregnant, can I throw axes?
This is a personal choice, please consult with you physician prior to participating.

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