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How To Play By The Rules!




At LumberJaxe – we generally don’t take ourselves too seriously. Any day we’re throwing axes into targets is a good day! But for those that choose to play by the rules – here’s how you score.

  • Each individual match consists of 10 throws/competitor
  • The black line awards points associated with the ring
  • 6 points for the bullseye
  • 4 points for the 2nd ring
  • 3 points for the 3rd ring
  • 2 points for the 4th ring
  • 1 point for the 5th ring
  • 10 points for the blue balls, also known as the ‘kill shot’
    • The kill shot is ONLY available on the tenth and final throw of the match. Otherwise the blue balls are worth 1 point (the value of the ring they are in)


Let’s not get too far into the weeds here. But it’s important to highlight that you’re going to come across some. Here’s how you handle them.

  • Touching the Line: If the axe is in two rings simultaneously, then the player is awarded the points for the higher valued ring.
  • Stick and Stay Policy: The axe must remain in the target for the throw to count.
  • No Delays in Throws: Players may not ‘delay’ in throwing the axe in hopes that opponent’s axe may fall out of the target or use delays for strategic advantage.
  • Oddball Throws: On the rare occasion that the axe stick to the target with the back of the blade, the shaft of the axe or any other part of the axe, the throw still counts and points awarded accordingly.

We Are Still Open!

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