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If you’re looking to spice up your next team-building event, holiday party, birthday, or just find a new hangout with friends, LUMBERJAXE has you covered! We are not just another axe throwing bar. We’ve carefully curated a modern, fun, and relaxed atmosphere that is the perfect venue for any occasion.

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LumberJaxe Axe Throwing in Athens and Eatonton, GA offers a unique axe throwing experience for everyone.

Whether you’re new to axe throwing or a seasoned pro, young in age (or at heart!) or just looking for a new challenge, LumberJaxe welcomes you with open arms, axes in hand.

We are not just another axe throwing bar. We’ve carefully curated a modern, fun and relaxed atmosphere that is the perfect venue for any occasion. Maybe you’re looking for a new way to spice up your date night or find a new hangout spot with friends. If you’re looking for a memorable venue for your next corporate event, birthday or bachelor/bachelorette party, LumberJaxe has you covered.

LumberJaxe isn’t just about axe throwing. It’s a way of life, a means to connect with others on a new level, share experiences and encourage confidence. We provide a safe and fun space for all to enjoy.

When our first location opened here in Athens, Georgia, USA in 2019, it wasn’t long before we knew it was time to open our second location in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. We opened our Eatonton, GA location in 2023. With a trademark in the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, who knows where you’ll find us next!?

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Testimonials & Reviews
from Axe-Throwers

Read what our axe throwers have to say about LumberJaxe.

Chris Millan

Athens, GA

Great venue for axe throwing. I like the setup where you can pick up a drink and play axe throwing games.

The trainers are great at teaching you and guiding the session. Definitely will have to go back again!

David Poynter

Athens, GA

Great fun with a group of 16 friends (guys and girls). First time for all of us and we had an awesome afternoon.

Staff was great and taught us how to throw properly and we were all able to score points by the end of our tournament. Will definitely be back!

William Cerros

Athens, GA

My friends and I went here for the first time last night. The atmosphere was great and staff was even greater.

Cory was our coach and overall wholesome nice guy. Our experience was amazing and we will definitely return.

Leah Smith

Athens, GA

We began our Girls Night Out here and had a blast! This was the third different axe throwing place I've been to, and while the others were fun, Lumberjaxe was by far my favorite! The guide/instructor was great at giving advice when needed but not hovering. Awesome venue, great location, and excellent staff. I definitely plan on going back.

Craig S.

Athens, GA

We had tons of fun! The staff is extra friendly and forgiving for those who can't throw an axe. 😊 Fun games and fun atmosphere. It's even better with the craft beers that are served at the bar! Will definitely be going again!!

Andrew H.

Athens, GA

What a great bar/event space! Plenty of room for mingling in between throws, and Throwing axes is a 100 times more fun than I was expecting! This is something everyone should try at least once.


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