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Lumberjaxe is the ultimate axe throwing  experience & private event destination


How To Throw a
Bullseye in 5 easy steps

Learn the proper technique – and you’ll be splitting targets in no time!

Everyone – regardless of ability - can learn to throw an axe with accuracy in a very short time. Follow these simple instructions to discover how much fun it is to watch your axe split the target every time!

Step 1. Stance
Stand with your feet shoulder width apart. Ensure your shoulders are square to the target. Now you’re ready to throw!
Step 2. Grip
Grab the axe with your dominant hand and the blade facing away from you.  For a double handed throw (advisable to start), cup your other hand over your dominant hand.
Step 3. Motion
Reach back with the axe over your head and step forward with your non-dominant foot.  i.e. If you’re right handed – you’ll step forward with your left foot.
Step 4. Release
Release the axe as if you are aiming a foot above the bullseye.  The weight of the axe will bring it down to the target.  PRO TIP: after you release, finish by pointing at the bullseye; you'll have a better chance of hitting it!
Step 5. Stick It!
The axe should rotate once over and stick in the target.  Sometimes it doesn't.  It happens to the best of us. Lean on our friendly, helpful coaches for adjustments to fine tune your throwing motion and improve your results.  


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Nobody is entirely sure where he’s from, outside of the fact that it was in the backwoods near your local Lumberjaxe location

Jaxe isn’t a hipster, he doesn’t have a beard by choice, he was born this way. Rough and tumble on the outside but warm and friendly on the inside. His legacy is his guests success. When throwers leave with a smile on their face and a need to share the love of axe throwing in their hearts, he can rest his head with pride.



The next generation of lumberjaxe in the family, Jill won’t take second place to anybody in terms of axe throwing prowess. Including her dad, Jaxe.

Jill grew up at her father’s side, felling trees before she could walk, and while she’s learned most of what she knows from her father, she’s proof positive that the ladies won’t take a back seat to any man in terms of hitting that bullseye. Jill is proof positive that you can’t judge a book by its cover and Lumberjaxe is for anyone, no matter their size, shape, gender, or physical ability.



Testimonials & Reviews
from Axe-Throwers

Lumberjaxe is the ultimate axe throwing experience & private event destination

Chris Millan

Athens, GA

Great venue for axe throwing. I like the setup where you can pick up a drink and play axe throwing games.

The trainers are great at teaching you and guiding the session. Definitely will have to go back again!

Aleta A

Ottawa, ON

Super cool venue with awesome decor! I had a blast axe throwing at Lumberjaxe - the staff were very friendly and knowledgeable, great local beers on tap, delicious eats.

Will definitely be going back again soon! Would be the perfect place for a group activity/celebration.

David Poynter

Athens, GA

Great fun with a group of 16 friends (guys and girls). First time for all of us and we had an awesome afternoon.

Staff was great and taught us how to throw properly and we were all able to score points by the end of our tournament. Will definitely be back!

Kevin Williams

Ottawa, ON

The staff were amazing, very clean and welcoming, I had a fantastic time and would highly recommend this to anyone looking for something to do. I will be back for sure.

William Cerros

Athens, GA

My friends and I went here for the first time last night. The atmosphere was great and staff was even greater.

Cory was our coach and overall wholesome nice guy. Our experience was amazing and we will definitely return.

Shane S

Ottawa, ON

This was so much fun!

The staff & owner were some of the greatest people I've ever dealt with, patient, fun and informative. The music is great, the beer selection is plentiful, and the whole place is built around having fun. Those two hours went by wayyyy too fast.