Axe Throwing FAQ

Is axe throwing safe?
Yes! When done properly in a supervised environment, axe throwing is very safe. We run a safety and instructional demo with groups before the throwing commences. And we have zero tolerance when it comes to reckless activity or anything that even hints of danger. We’ve got a page on rules/scoring and another on technique, so take a look to get familiar. We’ll also give you a waiver to sign. At Lumberjaxe, we want to make sure that everybody involved is participating safely in a fun atmosphere.
Is axe throwing a good activity for groups?
Most definitely! The more the merrier. Axe throwing is ideal for corporate events, team building, birthday parties, bachelor/bachelorette parties, lumberjack family reunions and much more. As it involves skill and some friendly competition, axe throwing is the kind of activity enjoyed by groups of varying sizes, backgrounds, ages, etc. We encourage groups to schedule ahead of time. If you arrive on your own or as a pair, you might be asked to join others in a group – that’s how much fun it is!
What should we wear?
Why, plaid flannel, of course! But seriously, while wardrobe is largely your call, we have one requirement and a few suggestions. First off, closed-toe shoes are a must. We also recommend loose-fitting clothing, at least as far as shirts, as there’s a little physical activity involved. Then, depending on season, you might want to dress warm or cool as needed. Wearing costumes as part of a theme party? We’re cool with that. Just remember: No sandals or flip flops!
Can we bring a picture of somebody to put on the target?
LOL. Short answer: Yes… with certain conditions. If it’s a drawing, cartoon or other artistic depiction of a fictional character, have at it! Want to fight off zombies? An axe is probably as good a tool as any… in that fantasy. If we’re talking about a picture of a real person, however, he or she needs to be present and give consent. No axe throwing at a photo of the boss – unless they’re in on it.
Does Lumberjaxe have axe throwing leagues?
We will soon! We will feature competitive league action on select weekday evenings Leagues operate under World Axe Throwing League (WATL) rules. League winners have the opportunity to qualify for and advance through various competition levels in the WATL, including the WATL World Championship. Take a look at our Leagues page (under “Getting Started”) for more info.


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