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Axe Throwing: Myths, Mistakes & Misconceptions

Axe throwing has become a hugely popular sport and fun activity across the world.

When it comes to axe throwing in Ottawa, the local scene is one of Canada’s biggest hotspots for this activity. And for good reason. Throwing axes is really fun, and many people get hooked after trying it just once.

Axe throwing is appealing in many ways. First of all, it's a physical activity, it can help you test your skills, and it can even be a good date idea.

However, some people still (mistakenly) think of axe throwing as something inherently dangerous. Indeed, There are a lot of myths and misunderstandings about axe throwing. That's why we've decided to clear these things up.

axe hitting target

Myth: Axe Throwing Is An Outdoor-Only Activity

A lot of people think that axe throwing is reserved for outdoors only, but this is not true.

Axe throwing in Ottawa can take place both outdoors and indoors. Most of this activity is carried out inside because clubs can't find a large enough space within cities to set up the whole field.

At the same time, being exposed to the elements can be disruptive. For example, a strong wind can compromise throws and send them well off their target. On the other hand, rain or snow can also make the conditions more difficult. You can imagine how axe throwing in Ottawa winters would be… challenging! But maybe not as much fun as being in a warm environment such as Lumberjaxe Ottawa.

Not only do rain and snow reduce visibility, but they might make the handles slippery. In these conditions, it's entirely unsafe to throw axes as someone could end up injuring themselves or someone else.

We’re all about safety at Lumberjaxe; that’s why we’ve got a dry, warm and safe venue for your ax-throwing fun (and we’ve got food and beverage to boot!).

woman throws ax at target on wooden wall

Myth: Axe Throwing is Only for Men

As we mentioned earlier, we've seen a lot of people come to Lumberjaxe on a date. Simply put, a lot of women participate in axe throwing, and nowadays the ratio of males to females is pretty close.

And we can assure you that nobody here at Lumberjaxe Ottawa thinks that women can't be good at axe throwing or that men are somehow better. Those are myths. We’re all about promoting axe throwing in Ottawa as a fun activity that can be enjoyed and performed well by people of all ages, genders, backgrounds, etc.

Axe throwing is all about how much you like doing it. This brings us to our point, both men and women love axe throwing from the moment they try it out. There is nothing scary about throwing a big blade because you're throwing it away from you.

In fact, many women find axe throwing quite empowering!

Myth: You Need Super Strength to Throw an Axe

A lot of people see axe throwing as a brute sport where strength is all that matters. But that’s just not right.

Although strength is important for axe throwing, it is just one of the many factors that matter in the sport. At the same time, strength and power come later once you've figured out the other stuff.

Axe throwing is about balance, control and precision. This means developing and learning a good technique for throwing. Indeed there is skill and finesse involved in axe throwing.

When you learn how to do this, you can start increasing the power in your throw, it’s as simple as that. Even then, strength is not crucial because, after all, you have to hit the target precisely, not break your mark.

The goal is not to throw the axe as strong as you possibly can. Still, you can work on power and train your shot. It does look cool when the axe flies faster, and you get a sense of pleasure from hitting the target with authority.

plywood sheet with painted target for ax throwing

Myth: Axe Throwing is for Loners

Sure, a person can enjoy the activity on their own. However, if you want to enjoy axe throwing in Ottawa with a group of friends or colleagues, it’s even more fun!

There are various tournaments that individuals can join and test their skills against others.

If you are really into the sport of axe throwing and want to train as hard as you can to get better, that’s great. However, it can be done casually and recreationally as a fun night out with a group. A lot of families, companies and couples come to Lumberaxe regularly to have a good time.

When in a group, the game is too different from darts. Everyone takes their turns and have their own personal scores. Just call a couple of friends and book your own lane for the night and try it out. It's a fun group activity, and it guarantees a lot of laughter.

ax hits target after good throw

Throwing the Axe Without Warming up

Perhaps you might have heard a story about people getting injured while throwing axes?

For some people, it's enough to read the headlines and assume the worst without even reading the rest. However, most injuries related to axe throwing don't have anything to do with axes or blades. It’s usually more about carelessness or not taking the right preparation & precautions.

Injuries happen mostly to people when throwing. They injure their shoulder or sprain some muscle during the throwing motion. However, this doesn't happen for no reason. A lot of people get overconfident once they learn how to throw an axe.

They see how easy it is but then they think, oh, you don't even need to warm up. Even though the motion is not that violent and powerful, like any athletic movement it can still cause physical damage over time because it's fast. You need to do some warm-up exercises to make sure your shoulder, back, and arm get ready for what's to come.

On the other hand, the second reason is when people try to throw the axe as strong as they can. This leads to uncontrolled motion, slips, and inaccurate throws that could be harmful. Remember, axe throwing isn’t about going all out – it’s a controlled activity of skill… and fun.

Find Axe Throwing in Ottawa Near You

These are some of the major axe throwing misunderstandings out there. Don't buy into everything that people are saying in your surroundings or online.

Try it out for yourself and see what it's all about.

Come down to Lumberjaxe and try throwing some axes! Have a local craft beer and kick back in our lounge afterwards. We’re conveniently located at City Centre - near downtown Ottawa, Centretown, Hintonburg, Preston Street, Westboro and many other Ottawa neighbourhoods.  

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