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Fun for the Winter: Axe Throwing in Ottawa Is an Indoor Activity That’s Fun for All

Winter can be a magical time of the year. Everyone is sharing their holiday spirit; everyone is organizing family get-togethers, meeting their old friends, and visiting family.

But when the weather gets wintry, it can all get pretty dull pretty quickly. You can’t really go outside to do much, but you don't want to stay home all day either.

What is there to do?

Well, if you’re looking for some fun and excitement this winter season, going axe throwing in Ottawa could just be what you need! 

Axe Throwing Basics

Unfortunately, many people have strong misconceptions about what axe throwing is. Many believe that it’s a violent activity for aggressive, butch men. But the truth is actually the opposite — as you’ll see when you visit Lumberjaxe Ottawa.

You’ll see people having fun, laughing, and just spending some good, quality time together.

If you’re concerned about safety, there’s no reason to be. We follow strict safety precautions and guidelines, and you’ll be much better protected than while playing darts, for example.

Ottawa Axe throwing venues like Lumberjaxe hire experienced staff, and a coach will always be there to help you learn how to throw an axe properly and to make sure that everyone’s following the rules.

axes hit target

Ottawa Axe Throwing — Who Can Participate?

At Lumberjaxe, you need to be 18 or older to participate in axe throwing events. If you meet the age requirement, are strong enough to hold an axe, and are ready to spend the winter holidays in the best way possible, you can play axe throwing to your heart’s content.

Our staff is always here to help you learn about the rules of axe throwing, and teach you about the best axe throwing techniques. So, even if you’ve never thrown an axe in your life, you can still participate in our axe throwing and enjoy yourself.

Because we want everyone who visits us in Ottawa to have a good time, we don’t tolerate any irresponsible behaviour. We do serve beer, wine, and cider, and as long as you know how to have a good time and safely practice axe throwing, you’ll always be welcomed here.

De-Stress for & after the Holidays 

Axe throwing can be a good sport for both your body and your mind. Not only will you be working on your upper body strength, but you’ll also be able to de-stress and let off some steam.

How many times have you wanted to smash your fine china on the ground once someone ticked you off during the holidays? If you’ve ever actually done this, you know how liberating this can be. Now imagine what it feels like to throw an axe at a target and hit the center! There’s no better feeling than this.

The friendly competition gets your blood pumping, it gets your adrenaline running, and you’ll be able to forget about all the things that stress you out!

group of friends enjoying beverages

Meet Awesome People While Axe Throwing

Ottawa axe throwing attracts a wide variety of people. You’ll see quirky college kids giving it a try, nice old ladies with surprisingly precise throws, actual lumberjacks, and close-knit families that are here for some quality time. They all come together to participate in this fun activity all year round.

It’s especially busy during the winter holidays, so you can test your axe throwing skills against some of the best talents around.

Axe throwing has a way of bringing people together. It allows you to engage with your community and meet awesome new people from all walks of life. Teachers, lawyers, corporate leaders, and stay-at-home parents all come together, build friendships, and de-stress during and after the holidays.

Competitive Axe Throwing Can Win You Prizes

Axe throwing isn’t just a fun sport; it can be very lucrative as well! Of course, you need to build up your skills and spend a lot of time practicing to become a master axe thrower, but you can join leagues and small competitions whenever you want.

Many axe-throwing competitions offer cash rewards or special perks to the winners. You can get a nice cheque, hefty discounts, or lovely gifts.

axes ready for throwing

Let Loose at Axe Throwing in Ottawa

Of course, you can simply visit Lumberjaxe Ottawa with a few of your close friends or family members to have a fun night. However, axe throwing becomes even more enjoyable when you organize a bigger event!

Axe throwing is an situation for birthday parties and even corporate team-building events. Drink some beers, throw some axes, and let loose.

It’s an exciting sport that suits any skill or fitness level, and the more people participate in your friendly competitions, the more engaging and exciting the whole thing will be.

Have Some Fun

Wintertime is nice, especially during the holidays, but there are only so many things that you can do when the weather outside is frightful! Instead of just sitting home watching movies, join an adventure-filled activity that’s ideal for your whole family!

Axe throwing is the perfect thing to warm you up during winter and even help you stay in shape. After all, the best kind of exercise is the one that doesn’t feel like exercise at all.

So, relax, have some fun, throw some axes, and make the best out of the winter holidays with your closest friends and family members.

Ottawa Axe Throwing at Lumberjaxe

If axe throwing sounds like a fun activity to you, and you’d like to join an event, you don’t have to look far to find the perfect Ottawa axe-throwing bar. Lumberjaxe is conveniently located in at City Centre - near downtown, Hintonburg, the Glebe, Westboro and many other Ottawa locales. So wherever you are in Ottawa, you can easily reach us.

We do offer walk-ins, but since axe throwing is an especially popular activity in wintertime, it’s always in your best interest to book a reservation and ensure that there’s an opening for you and your friends. 

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