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Host Your Christmas Party or Holiday Party at Lumberjaxe!

Are you looking for an excellent location for your next Christmas or holiday party but you're running out of options?

If your answer is yes, don’t despair because Lumberjaxe is coming to the rescue.

With two fantastic locations in Ottawa and Athens, Georgia, Lumberjaxe is an amazing place to host your upcoming event! It's especially great if you want to invite a group of friends.

Ideal Holiday Party Venue

When it comes to Corporate events, office Christmas party, team building... you name it, Lumberjaxe is your number one go-to option. Lumberjaxe isn't your average party location, oh no. There's much more than meets the eye here.

With a variety of services and activities aimed at group events, Lumberjaxe can make sure that you and your friends have the time of your life.

Make the best memories with Lumberjaxe and see with your very own eyes why so many people choose this place as their favourite location for all sorts of party events. Combine a great night out with drinks and recreation and forge memories that will last a lifetime.

Perfect for Office Christmas Parties or Any Group Event

Lumberjack is anything but your average bar or event venue. This is your ultimate private event destination where you can have the most exciting experience. Why? The answer is so simple that it only includes two words: Axe throwing!

Yes, you've heard that correctly. Axe throwing will allow you to see the world through the eyes of your ancestors, feel the spirit of the wilderness deep in your guts, and will enable you to have tons of fun while doing something very healthy and recreational.

Throwing axes and splitting the targets in half with no mercy already sounds like an adventure. Let's consider your options.

Hourly bookings & Walk-Ins

If you're thinking about throwing your Ottawa Christmas party at Lumberjaxe, you can make hourly bookings if you're bringing up to six friends with you. That way you can evaluate how Lumberjaxe would work as your event venue.

Book a private lane for you and your friends and enjoy a couple of hours of axe throwing. There's no better way to spend the night with a fun bunch!

Walk-ins include one hour of axe throwing, one lane with one target. This is perfect if you want to have some amazing axe throwing time alone and hone your skills.

A Fun & Centrally Located Event Venue

Now, here's the real deal. Events and parties are perfect for all those who are looking to throw a great Ottawa holiday party and enjoy an awesome time with people close to them.

Lumberjaxe's events/parties offer a unique experience that's made for all sorts of group events like office parties, Christmas parties, holidays, birthdays, team building, networking, and so on. It's a fantastic opportunity to try something adventurous, exciting and new.

An event at Lumberjaxe includes:

  • 2 hours of axe throwing and 3 hours of total event time
  • Private lanes
  • Group playoff tournament
  • Personal coaching and event experts
  • Prizes, merchandise
  • Flexible drink and catering options

Work together with experienced axe throwing and event experts to come with the best moment to prepare your event around your schedule.


Lumberjaxe league

This option is for those with some previous axe throwing experience. It’s for people who already know how thrilling it can be to have the most outstanding Christmas party at Lumberjaxe Ottawa or Lumberjaxe Athens. The league is a great way to improve your aim and axe throwing skills and learn something new, but more importantly, enjoy friendly competition while meeting new people.

Everyone is welcome, regardless of their skills or experience, so if you're ready to take your event experience to a whole new level, Lumberjaxe has your back. Lumberjaxe is for anyone, no matter their physical ability, gender, shape, or size.

Axe throwing options to get the most out of your event

Now, in case you didn't know, Lumberjaxe offers different types of axes to make sure you make a wise decision. The main point is to find the type of axe that suits your ability and natural movement and helps you get the most out of every axe throwing experience.

Each axe comes with different and unique characteristics and finding the one that suits you is the best way to ensure you perform well. That aside, axe throwing is an ideal group activity because it offers a great bonding chance for all, and it's extremely fun.

That's why most people visit Lumberjaxe when they need to throw their Ottawa Christmas party or Athens holiday party. Most importantly, Lumberjaxe provides axe throwing experts who will work tirelessly to make you all axe throwing experts in no time.

It takes an hour tops to become good at axe throwing. Once you and your friends get a hold of it, you'll be surprised how blasting this group activity can actually be. Form teams, compete among each other and with other groups, let yourself go with the flow, and enjoy every second of your event or party.

Holidays are the best time to be with the ones you love and spending some time together while making lifetime lasting memories is the very definition of a good holiday.

Party & Event Venues in Athens and Ottawa

Ready to embark on an adventure of a lifetime? Book an axe throwing holiday event and let's see just what you and your friends can do.

Splitting targets in half like a real boss can bring you more joy than you've ever dreamed of, so make the most out of your family and holiday time. Find out why so many people find Lumberjaxe to be their ultimate private event destination.

Axe throwing is unlike any other recreational activity – it’s a one-of-a-kind experience, simply perfect for sharing with your closest friends and family members during that special time of year.

We hope to see you and your friends or colleagues here this holiday season – you’ll be talking about your Lumberjaxe adventure for years.

Contact us today to make it happen!

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