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How Lumberjaxe Is Creating Fun & Teamwork for Ottawa

Axe throwing is one of those primal things most people have forgotten about. A lot of people think that it’s barbaric, but once they try it, they quickly realize that it can be really fun.

Of course, axe throwing doesn’t mean trying to hurt anyone. Quite the contrary! It’s a safe & controlled activity.

And it's a great group activity, a real team building & bonding event!

Today this is a fun activity that people do recreationally similarly to going to the shooting range, going to the gym, and so on. Canada is currently going mad for axe throwing, and Lumberjaxe Ottawa is here to provide you with the best “axeperience” in Ottawa.

If you haven’t tried it yet, you’ll love it. If you have tried it, you will love it even more at Lumberjaxe. Here is why your group (no matter how small or big) will love axe throwing at Lumberjaxe Ottawa.

A Convenient Ottawa Location      

No matter whether you live in Ottawa or you are just visiting, you can find & reach us easily.

Lumberjaxe is located at City Centre, quite close to downtown Ottawa. Many convenient roads and transportation options can lead you to us. We have onsite parking for our visitors. 

Whether you’re coming from Centretown, The Glebe, Westboro, Nepean or virtualy anywhere in the National Capital Region, you can get to Lumberjaxe pretty quickly and settle in fast for a fun time to last!

Now that we talked about all the important logistics, let’s get back to the important issue – fun! Let’s see why so many groups enjoy Lumberjaxe Ottawa.

A Time-Honoured Way of Blowing off Steam Without Destroying Anything Important

Our visitors get a completely controlled setting for groups and individuals where they can safely engage in throwing axes.

With each axe you throw, you will throw away a bit of rage, stress and pain you may be currently experiencing. It's a very satisfying activity, no matter how simple it might seem.

If you are used to having a routine where you are careful all the time, calculating things in your mind and acting reserved, throwing axes could be a liberating experience for you.

Imagine taking a sharp steel blade in your hands and throwing it aggressively through the air at a bulls-eye! 

Even if you don’t hit the target, the whole experience is very satisfying. Lumberjaxe Ottawa brings you the best axe-throwing experience around.

Go crazy, scream and release all the frustrationsm or let the axe speak for you – it’s your choice. We've created a friendly atmosphere where there's no pressure, just fun & good times.

Axe Throwing Offers Fun Anger Management

One of the best ways to let the anger go is to hurdle a freshly sharpened ax at a target.

Indeed there is something primal about throwing an axe, and the adrenaline takes you into a state where you don’t care about your current life problems.

Instead, the only thing that matters is the moment in front of you and swinging the blade properly.

But don’t get it wrong, you don’t have to be boiling with rage to get all the benefits of this cathartic experience that helps alleviate stress.

With just an hour of throwing axes, everyone can feel relaxed & calm. As Ottawa entertainment specialists, we have seen all kinds of groups indulge in this activity.

Entire families, coworkers, and couples come to Lumberjaxe Ottawa to get rid of stress. For all of these people throwing axes is a stress antidote that helps you deal with the day-to-day stresses of modern life.

A Great Date Idea in Ottawa

At Lumberjaxe Ottawa, a variety of people join us test their throwing skills.

Perhaps most fascinating to some people is the number of couples that go out on axe-throwing dates. Some couples have been together for a long time and are overdue for a little excitement, but even couples who’ve just started dating find this to be a great bonding experience.

Throwing axes might not seem romantic, but for a lot of people, it is!

Guys can find women throwing axes sexy, and some ladies can even do this in heels and with high precision (though wearing heels is not advised; flat shoes will provide the stability you need for a precise throw).

On the other hand, a lot of women like to see modern lumberjacks that can throw an axe right where they want to.

We have a bar & lounge where the couple can continue their date after the axe throwing is done. We can also cater to any special needs you might have and try to make your date special. What a great Ottawa date idea!

Axe throwing is becoming really popular, and both men and women are looking to try it out.

Are You Ready for a Zombie Apocalypse?

Throwing axes is traditionally used for several things, including hunting, close combat, and as a form of recreation.

Simply put, it can be used for survival, as well. If you’re worried about the zombie apocalypse, knowing how to wield axes might help you improve your arsenal against them.

We all know that zombies are slow and fragile – they are the perfect target for your axes.

You don’t want the zombies to catch you and eat you? Learn to spin an axe properly and get them as they come!

A Fun Time in Ottawa

Axe throwing is a great way to blow off some steam, get a bit of cardio, and have a lot of fun.

No matter if you plan on bringing a group or you want to try it out alone, our doors are open for you. 

Contact us today to book your next date or group activity at Lumberjaxe Ottawa!


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