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I’ve Never Been Axe Throwing: What Would You Compare It to?

You might have noticed that a growing number of axe throwing venues have opened in Canada in recent years. Did you know there’s a great axe throwing venue right here in Ottawa?!

People are organizing axe throwing events and parties – leagues, too.

You might even be wondering what axe throwing is if you’ve never given it a try. And if you haven’t, why not try it now?!

If you’re new to this whole thing, it’s probably easiest to explain Ottawa axe throwing by comparing it to some similar sports and activities. This will give you a better understanding of axe throwing and let you know whether it’s something that you might end up enjoying.

Ottawa Axe Throwing at Lumberjaxe Is “Darts on Steroids”

woman proudly displays axe on target

Darts is a game with a long, exciting history and millions of enthusiastic dart players around the world.When you think of a popular pub game, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Is it darts?

Just about any bar, pub you visit will have a dartboard, and you’ve likely tried your hand at darts at least once in your life.

While axe throwing is an activity much older than darts, the two sports are not unlike one another. Both are thought to have originated from an even older activity — archery.

And both darts & archery have a lot in common with axe throwing.

  • You have a target
  • You have a tool to hit it with
  • And you always want to aim for the “bullseye”

The scoring systems and rules are very similar between the three as well.

The further you hit from the centre, the lower your score will be. Each ring is worth a predetermined amount of points. Darts goes a bit farther and has perhaps a more complicated scoring system, but the idea behind it all is very similar.

If you’ve ever enjoyed a game or two of darts, or if you were lucky enough to try your hand at archery, you’ll no doubt love visiting Lumberjaxe for a fun time axe throwing in Ottawa!

Knife Throwing & Axe Throwing Are Cousins!

axe throwing at lumberjaxe ottawa

While perhaps once regarded as a circus trick, knife throwing is a legitimate sport and can be very similar to axe throwing.

In Europe, the rules of knife and axe throwing are almost identical, their only difference being the tool used.

Knife throwing could be somewhat easier to master since the tool you use is smaller, and you’re usually a bit closer to the target (between 3 and 7 meters away from it as opposed to 4 to 7 meters away in axe throwing). However, the axes we throw at Lumberjaxe Ottawa are rarely more than 2 pounds in weight, so the axe size doesn’t really pose a problem.

Do You Enjoy Bowling? You’ll Love Axe Throwing!

While much more similar to darts, archery, and knife throwing, axe throwing does share a few similarities to bowling, at least when it comes to appearances.

Just like in bowling, the players will be separated into lanes.

You and your team will have a lane of your own, which will often be separated from others.

And like many bowling alleys, at Lumberjaxe Ottawa you’ll get to drink some beer or wine, have fun with your friends, and enjoy the night.

Axe Throwing: An Exercise You Will Enjoy

beer and axe throwing at lumberjaxe ottawa

Axe throwing might also be compared to physical exercise. But axe throwing is a lot more fun than going to the gym! Does your gym offer craft beer and wine, all in a fun atmosphere enjoyed by groups of friends and colleagues? If so, we want to hear about it!

But it’s true that if you want to build your axe throwing skills, there’s some exercise involved.

When you’re axe throwing, you’ll be working on the muscles in your shoulders, arms, back, and neck. Even your legs can play an essential part as you’re working to maintain balance or stepping out when you’re axe throwing. You can genuinely break a sweat when you start axe throwing, so this can be an excellent type of exercise for you.

Some Warm-Up Beforehand Is Important

Contrary to popular belief, some of the most common axe throwing injuries aren’t cuts and slashes from axes, but instead pulled muscles and injured backs.

Axe throwing is a controlled activity, and thus is a safe sport.  

Repetitive movement could cause injury over time. So whether you’re coming to throw axes in Ottawa at Lumberjaxe for fun or you’re in a competitive axe throwing league, take a few minutes to warm up before throwing axes and again for a few minutes afterwards. A little bit of stretching and moving around can get you adequately prepared for the fun evening ahead.

Lumberjaxe: Ottawa’s Ideal Place for Team Building & Parties

axe throwing at lumberjaxe ottawa

Whatever you’re celebrating or doing — organizing birthday parties, coming up with team building activities for your coworkers, or just hanging out with friends, Lumberjaxe is a great idea!

Axe throwing is the ideal group activity or party event that will make for a memorable night.

It doesn’t take much time to master the art of axe throwing, and our knowledgeable staff at LumberJaxe will always be there to help you develop your technique and learn how to throw an axe with confidence and accuracy.

LumberJaxe is conveniently located at City Centre, close to downtown Ottawa, so if you’d like to try axe throwing for the first time, there’s no better time to do so than right now.

Come to Lumberjaxe for axe throwing in Ottawa, and have the experience of a lifetime.

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