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Want to Combine a Fun Night Out with Drinks and Recreation? Axe-Throwing is a Great Bet!

Heading out with your friends looking for some fun with drinks and an exciting recreational activity? If your answer is yes, we have just the thing you need - axe throwing!

Axe throwing is a sport that provides the ultimate fun and adventure experience. In addition to that, it's also an excellent recreational activity for both men and women. Multi generations love it just the same, and this is now one of the favourite activities for corporate parties and events.

It's fun, exciting, affordable, and recreational; everything you need to have a great time with your friends, partners, and colleagues in one place. It's a perfect activity while enjoying drinks and chit chats regardless of how many people are with you.

In case you don't have any axe throwing experience, don't worry because bars are fully equipped and manned with coaches that will pay special attention to each and every one of you to ensure you all have fun while playing this exciting game. Before you get down to the action, review all the rules, learn how to throw and make sure you're well equipped and prepared to win the game.

The Sport of Axe Throwing

Axe throwing is rapidly becoming popular all over the world as more and more people are getting into this sport for fun and recreation, right next to tomahawk throwing. This mostly because people fall in love with it from the first throw.

The truth is, it's a very fun game that can be easily turned into a sport, competition, party event, you name it. You can even form your own league and connect with other fellow axe throwers around the globe. If you live in Ottawa or Athens (GA), visit Lumberjaxe for some axe throwing or entertainment.

A Crash Course in Throwing a Bullseye

If you want to split targets in half like a true professional, it's all about the proper technique. Good news is that's easy to learn. Everyone can become a professional axe thrower, regardless of their strength or ability. All it takes is some time and focus, and you'll be throwing an axe with sheer precision and accuracy.

There's so much fun in watching your axe split the target with each throw and you can play a lot of exciting, drinking games with your crew. Every person that misses the target needs to have a drink, or you can split into groups and play against each other, the options are endless.

Now, to learn to throw an axe like a professional, you'll need to master these five easy steps:

1. Stance

Everything begins with the stance. Why? BGecause the way you stand determines your success. It's most recommended to position your feet at shoulder-width and make sure your shoulders are confronting the target. The stance will get you ready to throw.

2. Grip

Use your dominant hand to grab the axe and make sure the blade is facing the target. You can throw with one or two hands, depending on your strength, stamina, and skill. A double-handed throw is more advisable for starters as it makes it easier to throw for the beginners.

3. Motion

It's important to keep in mind that you need to step forward at the moment of throwing. Swing the axe over your head and throw the axe while stepping forward. If you're left-handed, step forward with your right foot and vice versa.

4. Release

Raise your axe over your head as you take a step forward and release it. Aim a foot above the bullseye to hit it and finish by pointing at the bullseye after the release.

5. Hit the target

As you release the axe, finish by pointing with both hands towards the target. If it happens that it doesn't stick in the target, don't get down about it as this is a completely normal thing. That's why helpful and friendly coaches are around. They can share their knowledge to help you fine-tune your stance, grip, motion, and release and improve your results with each next throw.

Why Axe Throwing?

Here are the five most excellent reasons why to choose axe throwing as your ultimate fun night out with drinks and recreation.

  • It's lots of fun - axe throwing is exciting, new and unique, it doesn't require any previous experience and anyone can participate. You can customize the games to fit your scenario better.
  • It's adventurous - awesome people, drinks and fun times with axes; this is a real adventure.
  • Safety - axe throwing is a fully monitored, regulated and safe game. Professional coaches are with you every step of the way to ensure maximum safety, fun, and an incredible experience.
  • Perfect event - if you want to impress your friends, people you work with or your date, axe throwing is simply perfect. On top of all that, it's ridiculously memorable, which matters the most.
  • Memories - axe throwing is a great way to make memories have a laugh and the best time of your life. This is important simply because life is short so make it as memorable as possible.

Perfect Party or a Corporate Event

Regardless of what your intention is, having a unique team building event or a fun party, axe throwing is a perfect activity for combining a fun night out with drinks and recreation. This is something you can share with your friends, partners, employees, clients, and every other individual alike.

If you think you're ready, book now at Lumberjaxe and discover why so many people from all over the world love axe throwing. Make unforgettable memories through fun and games with people close to you and share the love of axe throwing with the rest of the world.

There's a good reason why so many companies choose axe throwing bars as their favourite private event destination. So hop on board with Lumberjaxe for the ultimate Ottawa axe throwing experience... or take a trip to Lumberjaxe for the most exciting entertainment in Athens.

Contact us today to find out more or book your next event or activity!

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