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Lumberjaxe Can Bring the Axe Throwing Fun to You

Are you looking for corporate events in Ottawa? As you might already know, there are plenty of event opportunities to pursue. Each one of them offers unique benefits to your team. These events are designed to help you promote bonding among your employees, increase trust, and push employees towards making long-term, meaningful relationships.

Ottawa axe throwing is among the most popular corporate events. It can help you achieve everything that we just mentioned and more. Lumberjaxe is a company with a renowned reputation in organizing axe throwing events. It can bring the axe throwing fun to you for your convenience. Here is everything you need to know.

What’s All This Axe Throwing Craze About?

Maybe this information somehow managed to slip through your fingers, but people across North America are crazy about axe throwing. Canada even has its own Axe Throwing Canadian Open. There is something primal in this activity that equally attracts men and women. It allows them to blow off steam and have fun at the same time. What is it all about?

Axe throwing is a sport just like throwing darts is. But instead of tiny little darts, when axe throwing, you get the chance to throw an axe. Given that you are throwing a sizable object and that you can hear a loud sound every time you hit the target, axe throwing has a magical effect.

Since it can be a group event and easily turned into a competition, axe throwing joined the family of corporate events in Ottawa. It can help your employees forget about their troubles and make them happy. You will be even able to choose from three different types of axes in Lumberjaxe offer: standard, hammerhead, full metal. Each one of these axes offers a completely different throwing experience.

Everyone Starts From Ground Zero

Ottawa axe throwing is a great team-building activity as it allows everyone to start from ground zero. Let’s face it, the chances that someone on your team is an experienced axe thrower are pretty slim, and it’s hard to compare it to anything else.

If you choose axe throwing, you will give your employees a chance to master a new technique together, which can promote bonding. Finally, it will definitely be an experience they’ll gladly remember. 

Another thing about axe throwing is that everyone can learn how to do it. It doesn’t matter if someone is in shape or not, or skilled with throwing stuff. Our team of professionals will help your entire team learn the proper and safe technique.

We have an engaging onboarding process so short that you will be splitting targets in a matter of minutes. The axe throw mastery is all about stance, grip, motion, and release. Your employees will be able to practice it together in the environment you choose until they awake the inner spirit with the hatchet.

It Is Fun and Engaging

Axe throwing is both fun and engaging. It’s the number one stress-relieving activity you can introduce to your colleagues. There is no scientific explanation that can shed some light on what makes this activity so fun. Our best guess is that our ancestors used to do it a lot and that it’s in our blood.

Plus, it is not just an axe throwing. We will provide you with a target, as a matter of fact, several of them. Once your colleagues learn how to throw an axe properly, they can start sharping their skills by learning how to aim better. It never gets boring with axe throwing.

Axe Throwing for Indoor or Outdoor Fun

When people hear axe and throwing in the same sentence, they usually associate the great outdoors. While it is common sense, axe throwing doesn’t have to be outdoors. Our LumberJaxe facility at City Centre in Ottawa is indoors and climate controlled.

To throw axes outside, you need good weather, at least. Rain and snow are your worst enemies. So, throwing axes inside is a great workaround that makes this great sport accessible throughout the year.

What makes Lumberjaxe axe throwing corporate events great is that we launch them indoors. While it shelters our event participants from elements is also allows us to control the situation better and provide a safe and secure environment for axe throwing.

A Unique Team Building and Bonding Event

There are plenty of corporate events in Ottawa ranging from horse and bike riding to pain, cooking and barista classes. Ottawa axe throwing brings something completely new and exciting to corporate events landscape. It mixes both physical and mental activity and turns the entire effort in a group learning experience.

Add the competitive aspect of it, which you can choose to introduce whenever you want, and you have a perfect and unique team building event. You can even snap photos or shoot videos during the event. We are sure that your colleagues will hang some of the digital mementos on their office walls.

A Great Way to Blow of Steam and Control Damage

Blowing off steam is usually related to destruction. But here at Lumberjaxe, we know how to enable people to blow off steam and only do controlled damage. Our primary goal is to enable people to have fun, but also do it in a safe and secure environment

We have taken all the necessary actions to allow you to benefit from axe throwing events while mitigating all the possible risks to surroundings, furniture, and your employees.  

Lumberjaxe Can Bring it to You

Imagine if you could launch an event wherever you wanted? Lumberjaxe makes axe throwing events hassle-free. We know that it’s often inconvenient to organize a trip for everyone. If you want a seamless team-building experience, we have it.

While we have several venues in Ottawa where you can come and throw some axes, we can also organize and launch an event at the location you choose for us. Make sure to contact us in time so that we can set things in motion and get everything for your next epic Ottawa axe throwing corporate event.

Drop us an axe, and we will get back to you the same day!

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